Ways Well Child Works for Families and Schools

Well Child is committed to being a partner to families and schools in the districts that we serve. We know that healthy children are better prepared for success in learning and in life.

Whether a student is attending school in person or virtually, Well Child is here to help:

  1. Well Child comes to the student. For students who are learning from home, Well Child’s telehealth services can take place virtually with a smartphone, tablet or computer. Students can get an annual physical or sick care from the comfort of home.

    When students are in school, there is no need for parents to schedule an appointment, arrange transportation, or miss work in order to bring a child to the doctor’s office. Well Child comes to the school and sees students during the school day. Students don’t have to leave school, missing an extensive amount of classwork. They get a full exam in a setting where they are already comfortable: school.

  2. Well Child informs and empowers parents. Well Child keeps parents in the loop, whether an exam takes place in person or virtually through telehealth. When exams take place at school and parents are not present for the exam, students bring home the results of the exam and any necessary referrals, as well as educational information to help parents make healthy choices for their families. With telehealth, parents have the unique opportunity to actively participate in their child’s exam. Well Child providers educate parents on how to monitor their child’s vital signs while empowering parents to advocate on their child’s behalf.

  3. Well Child partners with schools. Students with undiagnosed medical issues have a hard time focusing at school and learning everything they should. When schools partner with Well Child, attendance improves due to a decrease in late arrivals and early dismissals to attend doctor’s appointments. In addition, those students with undiagnosed health issues receive a diagnosis and can move forward with treatment in order to feel better and return to school, ready to learn.

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