Studies show that as many as 1 in 4 school-age children has a vision problem. Vision issues can make it difficult for a student to participate and learn in school. If they can’t see the board, or have trouble focusing on a textbook, how would they ever be able to keep up?

An annual eye health exam can help to make sure that vision problems don’t interfere with a student’s ability to learn and participate in school.

Vision problems impact children in school and at play:

In School: Vision impacts so many aspects of learning:

  • Following along in a textbook to reinforce what is discussed aloud in class
  • Seeing what is written on the board
  • Staying focused and paying attention.

Vision problems can also cause eye strain and headaches, further impacting a child’s ability to focus in class.

At Play: Vision problems can impact a child’s hand-eye coordination. This may cause a child to avoid playing sports or other active games with friends at school. Issues with perception may cause a child to run into things or fall down.

Optometry Exam

Many childhood vision issues can be corrected, but early detection and treatment is essential. The brain tells the eyes what to see, and children learn to adapt to vision problems. If they don’t know that their vision isn’t working like it should, they won’t know to tell a parent or a teacher. Children should get a complete eye health exam every year in order to make sure that their vision is working like it should.

Well Child offers complete optometry exams at school during the school day. If a student needs glasses, they can select from frames kept on-site, and a certified Well Child optician will dispense the glasses to the student at school.

Learn more about Well Child’s services, or contact us for more information.   

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