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Well Child is committed to improving the health and well-being of students and school staff. Please note the following protocols that we have put in place to ensure that families are able to safely utilize our services during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Well Child Staff

Well Child staff are committed to providing safe care that is in adherence to the latest CDC guidelines, ensuring protection of students, school staff, and their families. Well Child staff will:

  • Well Child screens teams before departing office, checking temperature and symptoms.
  • Wear appropriate PPE: face mask, eye shield (when appropriate), gloves (when appropriate).
  • Disinfect the area, including chairs and medical equipment, between student encounters and allowing for appropriate drying time.
  • Provide supervision to students while in our care to ensure that they practice safe social distancing.
Mask, hand sanitizer and gloves


For the protection of students, school staff, and their families, students will:

  • Be called from class for exams in smaller groups to allow for proper social distancing.
  • Have temperature checks upon entering the waiting room.
  • Practice hand hygiene upon entering the waiting room.
  • Be spaced with respect for social distancing.
  • Be asked to wear masks, in accordance with the school’s policy.


In order to accommodate these new protocols, the following requests are being made of schools:

  • Be aware that student lists may be longer and the time needed to complete exams may increase due to our new protocols.
  • The Well Child team may need a larger space to practice safe social distancing during exams.

Questions or concerns can be directed to us at (866) 403-5858.

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